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Your Success

“We’re only limited by weakness of attention and poverty of imagination.” Neville

Your certified Thinking into Results facilitator –
Your coach:

After High School, Gary continued with his education and just didn’t know what he wanted to do. What he created was an amazing academic boat anchor, if you know what I mean… After two years of floating around and not really getting anywhere, he was a fry cook, an electrician and then a plumber for about 6 years.

One early Monday morning, at about 2 am, he got a call to fix a woman’s kitchen sink that was backed up. He drove the hour to get to the lady’s condo near the boat slips in Marina del Rey and proceeded to fix the problem. In opening the pipe, he was showered in a ton of goo. Without his knowledge, he instantly knew that he wanted to go back to college and be successful at something associated with Engineering. Is you’ve never had a burning desire to do something, get showered in a ton of goo, and see if something big doesn’t happen to you – lol!!

Six years later he finished a double major in Math and Physics and still later a Masters Degree in Physics, and was hired by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and eventually was responsible for purchasing radios for many of JPL’s spacecraft missions. He didn’t know how he did it.  When he was cleaning sewers, it didn’t seem likely that this could possibly happen. How was he to know that he had unconsciously incorporated the teachings of Bob Proctor to become a rocket scientist?

Unconscious movements like this continued to occur in Gary’s life. …and it wasn’t until he had the opportunity to attend a Bob Proctor Seminar, and heard Bob speak, that he realized what he had been doing over and over again, to get whatever it was he wanted – from getting a degree, to working on NASA spacecraft, to investing in real estate, to consulting small businesses.…and now since he has learned success secrets from Bob Proctor, he is now ready to share these success systems with you too.   So, the most important question becomes – What do you want?

We have the materials and systems for you to achieve anything you choose.

So again, What do you want? ….and… When do you want to….

…have the things you want?

…do the things you want?

…be the person you want?

…live the life of your dreams?

It’s all within your grasp by Thinking Into Results.
What is it that you really, really want?

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